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Spring Is Around the Corner… It's Time to Check for Mold!

Mold is usually much more than a visual problem. It can be highly dangerous, even when you can’t see it! As the snow melts and the last of our Chicago winter weather passes, this is the best time of year to ensure that you’re in the clear. Give us a call to set up your free mold inspection with remediation. Continue reading “Spring Is Around the Corner… It's Time to Check for Mold!”

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The Life Cycle of Mold – How It Grows & Why

While there are so many types of mold and locations you might find it, we can break down how mold grows in order to better understand and prevent it. The life cycle of mold includes four main phases: hyphal growth, spore formation, spore dispersal, and spore germination. However, these phases are dependent on the environment. We can stop mold and spores in their tracks if we control moisture, temperature, and other factors. Continue reading “The Life Cycle of Mold – How It Grows & Why”

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Keep Your Home Clean for Health & Safety Throughout the Year

We certainly entertained a long summer of flash floods and heat in Chicago IL this year. That light water damage? The soft spots in the walls or ceilings? You need to keep an eye on these areas and consider calling a professional at ProCare Restoration to take a look. We can often complete mold removal and/or mold remediation without harming the foundations of your home. It’s just a matter of catching things early.
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How Do You Know There's Mold?

Mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal are among our most-demanded services. Mildew and mold removal are not very fun experiences however necessary, so it’s good to know what you’re getting into. Every process is made easier when you understand how it works.

Here, we will explain the few ways we can test and sample for mold in your home or on your property.

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A bad case of black mold.

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Why Leave Black Mold Removal to the Professionals

When it comes to black mold removal, homeowners often disagree on what to do. Some try to tackle it themselves, some hire an ordinary handyman, and very few call IICRC certified professionals like the ones we have here at ProCare Restoration. The truth is you should always leave black mold removal to IICRC certified professionals. Here’s why. Continue reading “Why Leave Black Mold Removal to the Professionals”

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5 Natural Mold Removal Methods

When you just have a little spot of mold, you may not want to call in a whole mold remediation crew. But mold is dangerous, so it’s important to know how to remove mold safely. You should also keep in mind that what you may consider a minor issue might best be left to the experts. However, if you just have a couple spots of mold, there are safe, natural mold removal methods you can use. See our suggestions below. Continue reading “5 Natural Mold Removal Methods”