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Your Essential Toolbox: The 8 Tools Everyone Should Have on Hand

While there’s little more satisfying than the sound of a great power-drill, it’s certainly not one of our tools for the “desert island” scenario. We’ve distilled our picks to the absolute essentials. So these are our top eight must-haves for every Chicago homeowner or DIY-er. We urge our customers to be proactive about protecting their homes and health! Continue reading “Your Essential Toolbox: The 8 Tools Everyone Should Have on Hand”

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10 Home Hacks That Make Maintenance Easy

Ever since we founded ProCare Restoration we have been in the business of prevention. With the high potential for water damage and mold growth in the Chicago area (those two unsavory problems comprising the bulk of our work!) we want homeowners to understand that a little prevention saves you so much in possible reaction. Home hacks — however diluted by the Internet’s love for all things DIY and home improvement — can actually be helpful, too. These are our favorite DIY maintenance tips for a few of the little things that many of us might easily forget about.
Continue reading “10 Home Hacks That Make Maintenance Easy”

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Mold-Resistant Paint: What You Need to Know

When mold and spores enter your home, there’s a lot at risk. Your health becomes a concern, the structure and floors of your house can deteriorate…and not to mention: your belongings and clothes might even get moldy. How can you be proactive? Do you live in a very humid area? You might be interested in mold resistant paint (also called “anti mold paint”). Continue reading “Mold-Resistant Paint: What You Need to Know”