The foundation of your home is literally that: the foundation. It is the main structure of your home, and the most crucial part of your home’s stability. If you start to notice cracked walls, bulging floorboards or are having difficulty opening or closing doors, your foundation may be at risk. Unfortunately, these repairs are not quick or simple – they call for a restabilization of the structure of your home.

Warning Signs:
Sometimes it may be hard to identify when the foundation of your home needs repair. If you start seeing wall rotation, displaced moldings, cracks in plaster or brickwork, bowed walls, or water seepage in the basement, it is likely that your foundation may be at risk.

Other signs may be:

• Misaligned windows
• Uneven floors or walls
• Uneven beams
• Cracking in various spots on the wall

While these problems could be small (an uneven beam is not necessarily something to panic about), they could also suggest a more serious problem with the foundation of your home. Should you choose to ignore these warning signs, you may be risking the stability of your home and the safety of those who live inside it.

If your home is older, it is unlikely that improper workmanship from the original builders is to blame for the foundation problems. Rough winters and rainy summers can cause the soil under the foundation to shift, causing the weight bearing system of the home to be thrown off. If your foundation problems become extensive enough, the entire home could be rendered unlivable.

The specialists at Procare Restoration have decades of experience solving a variety of foundation problems, including:

• Foundation Crack Repair
• House Foundation Repair
• Concrete Foundation Repair
• Structured Foundation Repair

We’ll work to restore your home to its original appearance without needing to entirely rebuild the structure of your home. Call the Procare Restoration technicians today!

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