ProCare Restoration has made a name for itself in regards to Chicago mold removal, flood restoration, water damage, and fire restoration services, but our restoration coverage would be incomplete if we didn’t include odor removal services. Sometimes odors are embedded so deeply that it takes a professional to completely remove them.

Experts in Deodorization

People often think that ProCare Restoration’s odor removal services are unnecessary because they can remove strong odors themselves. And yet time and time again people have difficulty selling homes where smokers have lived or buildings where there’s been a fire in recent years. If these odors were so easy to remove, this wouldn’t be an issue.

According to the IICRC, odor removal is an enormous factor in a home’s cleanliness and its effect on the residents’ health. Unfortunately, odor is particularly tricky to remove. This is especially true in buildings where the residents smoke frequently, have had mold infestations, fire damage, or flooding.

So don’t let pesky odors ruin your quality of life or impede your ability to sell your home. Our IICRC certified technicians can make your home smell fresh and new again, so take advantage of our odor removal services to make your home odor-free!

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