How Much Does A Mold Remediation Cost?

Image of Cost of a Mold Remediation work
Cost of a Mold Remediation work in Chicagoland

Finding out you have mold is one thing, but figuring out what to do about it is an entirely different animal. At ProCare Restoration, our team of experts is able to conduct a mold remediation to properly remove any mold from your home and prevent any new mold from growing.

What is Mold And What’s It Doing In My House?

Mold is such a strange substance because it can be both good and bad. When it’s outside, mold has an incredible positive environmental impact. However, when that type of fungus decides to enter your home, it quickly turns into a problem. Like any homeowner, you’re probably wondering what caused this bacteria to waltz into your home unannounced.

The most important thing to figure out is how it got there in the first place. Mold growth needs a certain level of moisture in order to thrive. Along with that, it tends to do well in places that are warm and damp. This is why we see mold growth most often found in basements or upstairs in the attic. So make sure to regularly check those areas during hot and humid times of the year, as they become extremely prone to mold growth.

How Much Does A Mold Remediation Cost

While we always suggest that each homeowner gets a mold test, this can oftentimes be an extra expense they have to pay. The problem about mold growth is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Because of that, mold can grow in your home undetected for quite some time. However, if you can clearly spot the mold growing in your home, a mold test is probably not necessary. We recommend skipping that step and calling ProCare about a mold remediation instead.

The constant problem people worry about mold remediation is the cost. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set in stone price guideline to determine just how much the project will cost. Each situation is unique and therefore priced accordingly. What we can promise, is that ProCare Restoration will offer a price-match guarantee on any quote you receive in the Chicagoland area. This ensures that not only are you getting the best deal, you’re also getting the best service from a company that’s known for excellent customer care.

So even though mold remediation is a nuisance, just know that ProCare Restoration is there to provide an unbeatable service at the best price possible. We understand that mold damage is already a daunting problem, and we want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth for each penny spent.

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