beatrix potter

Beatrix Potter and the History of Mold

Ninety-five years ago, congress ratified the 20th amendment and gave women nationwide the right to vote. The White House declared August 26 “Women’s Equality Day” in commemoration, and we at Free Mold Check didn’t feel we could pass up the opportunity to celebrate women (and mold) to commemorate such an important marker in this ongoing journey toward equality. Continue reading “Beatrix Potter and the History of Mold”

avoid sewer backup

Getting to the Root of Sewage Backup

Too few homeowners pay attention to the systems that allow your home to function . . . until they stop functioning completely. Sewage backup, for example, is pretty hard not to notice. If your sewage is constantly (or even occasionally) backing up into your home, it could be exposing you and your family to hazardous toxins throughout the duration of the immediate incident, and mold growth thereafter. Depending on what exactly occurs during your sewage backup situation, your home could be experiencing a number of varying problems. Continue reading “Getting to the Root of Sewage Backup”

Is Mold in Your New Home?

Is mold in your new home? We know how important your family’s health and safety are, and we understand that you aren’t about to take any risks when it comes to their security. Before you close on a new home, you’ll certainly want to schedule a mold inspection and possible remediation. Families most commonly make a move when their nuclear household grows – whether tiny infants are joining the family or older parents are moving in with adult sons or daughters. Continue reading “Is Mold in Your New Home?”

Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke

Honestly, Billy Joel, it doesn’t matter who started the fire. What matters is 1) ensuring everyone’s immediate safety, and 2) cleaning up after the incident. The blaze in itself proves problematic, certainly, but it also leaves behind soot, debris, hazardous gases, and water damage – depending on the fire, you could have a rocky (or smoky) recovery ahead of you. Continue reading “Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke”

Moisture Damage and Preventing Mold in Your Home

Moisture is a naturally occurring problem for many homeowners. Whether you live in a hot climate, cool climate, humid climate or merely a climate that sees frequent rain, moisture can begin to cause chaos and require expensive repairs. The climate isn’t the only cause of moisture in a home; areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom can be problematic areas for moisture control due to their appliances and the tasks performed in them. Learning how to control moisture and prevent excess moisture can not only prevent mold, but ward off a variety of other problems in your home. Continue reading “Moisture Damage and Preventing Mold in Your Home”

Taking Action Before It’s Too Late: Summer Storms

With the unusual amount of summer storms working their way across Chicago and the northwest suburbs, many homeowners are unprepared for the repercussions they may have on their home. Flash flooding and high winds can cause substantial damage to a home, and it isn’t always entirely visible. Preparing yourself for the possibility that problems may occur after a particularly destructive storm will ensure that you address the issues efficiently and spare your home unnecessary damage. Continue reading “Taking Action Before It’s Too Late: Summer Storms”

Mold and the Push for Clean Consumption

New information about the food processing and agricultural industries is constantly being unveiled, and Americans are turning to organic products and whole foods in order to prevent the unintentional consumption of pesticides and other harmful products. Growth hormones in milk, bleach in poultry and a multitude of other disturbingly commonplace food production procedures have caused consumers to rethink their dietary choices and nutritional decisions. Despite countless attempts to make this information unattainable to the general public, the food industry has found it difficult to combat the constant release of unfavorable press. As available information concerning unsafe procedures within the food processing industry increases, the practice of clean eating is undoubtedly growing in popularity, and is posing a significant threat to the food processing industry. Continue reading “Mold and the Push for Clean Consumption”