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Mold-Resistant Paint: What You Need to Know

When mold and spores enter your home, there’s a lot at risk. Your health becomes a concern, the structure and floors of your house can deteriorate…and not to mention: your belongings and clothes might even get moldy. How can you be proactive? Do you live in a very humid area? You might be interested in mold resistant paint (also called “anti mold paint”). Continue reading “Mold-Resistant Paint: What You Need to Know”

What's Your Damage: The Different Types of Water Damage

When flooding hits your home or other accidents occur, you need a professional. Water damage is the primary risk. But mold becomes a greater possibility too — if the space is not properly dehumidified and ventilated. If you’re careful, you can avoid that potentially expensive risk. First, we will judge the situation based on the quantity of water, absorption of it, and where it is.

Let’s talk about the four main classes of damage we see. Continue reading “What's Your Damage: The Different Types of Water Damage”

5 Things You Need to Know About Mold Now

Mold is only a problem if you let it become one. Learning about mold — and other (unfortunately) common concerns in the home — is essential to keeping you and your family safe. A little regular maintenance and regular inspections will keep you healthy, comfortable, and less stressed. Let’s prevent mold together and jump into some quick facts. Continue reading “5 Things You Need to Know About Mold Now”

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How Do You Know There's Mold?

Mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal are among our most-demanded services. Mildew and mold removal are not very fun experiences however necessary, so it’s good to know what you’re getting into. Every process is made easier when you understand how it works.

Here, we will explain the few ways we can test and sample for mold in your home or on your property.

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A bad case of black mold.

Continue reading “How Do You Know There's Mold?”

Chicago River

Flooding in Chicago Area Persists, More Storms on the Way

No one could simply cross the street in Chicago this weekend. The flooding has only gotten worse.

The day following these storms, you had to jump over those big puddles pooled at almost every corner, and stand a ways back just to avoid being splashed by any inattentive cars passing by. Outside the city, Fox River — already overwhelmed in recent weeks — reached record levels according to ABC7 Chicago, and matters in other suburbs weren’t much better. Continue reading “Flooding in Chicago Area Persists, More Storms on the Way”


Flash Flood Watch Continues for Chicago Area This Summer

Last week’s flash flood and flood events hurt many homes and businesses in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. We’re still expecting more bad storms this summer, and wanted to share some of the potential damage this kind of weather can cause. Conditions can become dangerous very quickly — so stay safe, and always call a professional when you need it. Continue reading “Flash Flood Watch Continues for Chicago Area This Summer”